Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bacon Chocolate Musings and Feedback

After having lived with the bacon chocolate treats for a week, let me just give a little feedback on them. First off, they both turned out quite tasty, but extremely rich. And as much as I love bacon, I think I probably would not make either the cookies or the truffles with the bacon in them very often. The hubby agreed with this. It's just almost too rich to enjoy (I said almost!). That said, I would certainly consider using the bacon fat without the added bacon pieces. It added a depth of flavor to both the cookie and the truffle, that you just don't get with butter. Let me clarify a little on that, too. I used half butter and half bacon fat on the cookies, and I would keep that ratio or even a smidge more butter than bacon fat if you don't want a little bacon flavor in the cookies.

All the truffle versions had the bacon bits in them, and the ganache was made with the bacon bits cooked in the heavy whipping cream (cooked in the same pan the bacon was cooked in, in fact). That mixture on its own, by the way, was ridiculously rich and amazing. I could have that over pasta and die (of a heart attack, most likely) a happy woman. I would happily do the bacon fat in the ganache again, and I spoke last time of how much I loved the added depth of the bacon fat in the melted dipping chocolate. But the bacon bits I would probably leave out unless I really wanted that bacon flavor again.

And a general note, I chopped up the bacon before I pan-cooked it, and it was quite difficult to get the pieces small enough. I should have gone back after the cooking and chopped the pieces up finer. I also might try baking the bacon next time, as I should still get plenty of fat, but perhaps a little more even crisp throughout the meaty and fatty areas of the bacon itself.

I am happy to have tried out the bacon and chocolate desserts, but even more I'm happy about what I learned about truffles and cooking with bacon fat. I'm curious to hear what you all think, whether you're creating these yourself, or just imbibing them!

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