Sunday, February 13, 2011


Over the holidays, I got the crafting and baking bug. It's something that I've always been prone to, but this year, - for multiple reasons - it hit me hard.

I decided that I wanted to share ideas and recipes and projects, but I didn't feel that those posts would fit with my other blog, Cuppa Fog. So I've created a new place, where I can post about my dabbles into so-called domestic duties like sewing and cooking.

If you're wondering where the "dubious" part comes in, well, I would never label myself as domestic. I hate cleaning and laundry and dishes and all that stuff. But the fun "domestic" stuff like crafting and baking - well I can get behind that!

So wherever you've joined me from, welcome! And if things here inspire or helps out someone else, then that'll make me happy. At the very least it'll be a place I can stow some recipes and crafting ideas! (And hopefully I can get a better blog design set up soon.)

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